Cypress Landscape


Formally known as SAS Landscape Design, Cypress Landscape is a landscape design firm with experience in residential and commercial design. Our landscape designer, Sarah Smith, has a degree in Landscape Architecture from Texas A&M University.

The landscape designs can be easily used by weekend warriors that want to do-it-themselves, or clients who want to bid the design out to landscape contracting companies. We also design landscapes for landscape contractors, home builders, realtors, and other professionals.

We work closely with our recommended landscape contractors that are well known for their quality work. These are just some of the landscape contractors we design for:

Outdoor Concepts
Pristine Landscape
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Our landscape designs incorporate attractive, hardy, low maintenance plants that are heat tolerant and drought resistant to custom fit your landscape's needs.

At Cypress Landscape, we take pride in creating beautiful, award winning design plans that will add value and beauty to your home or office.